What if the people around you for whom you cared about could not understand you. How would you tell them that you care for them. What if their language of love was completely foreign to how you communicated? Simply raising your voice, talking more slowly and deliberately just simply isn’t going to cut it – the other person simply hears a language that is completely alien to them. Dr. Gary Chapman, having counseled thousands of couples, discovered a series of predictable groups or categories of problems that all the couples would fall into. Those were the 5 categories of “love languages”.


These 5 categories were consistently, distinct, unique and often source of friction between couples if they were not tuned in to each others “love language”. One of the categories, for example is Gift, whereupon if a spouses perception of the expression of love is to receive a tangible token of appreciation, that person might NOT in-turn, understand that receiving Time and Attention (i.e. spending time together) was their partner’s intended expression of love. Dr. Chapman’s counsel then is for couples to discover what love language their partner ‘speaks’, if their ‘multi-lingual’ and then shower them with expressions of love in the language they would unerstand. For this Valentine’s Day, will your partner prefer a gift, supportive words, spending time together etc. or a combination of all of the above?

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