Dental Implant Cost – starting from just $1299

Depending upon the conditions of your teeth and requirements of each individual case, a single dental implant can cost around $1,299 to over $5,000. For patients without dental insurance or whose dental insurance does not cover the cost of treatment, Georgian Dental® Orillia offers dental implant financing and affordable dental implant payment plans so you can achieve the smile you deserve.

Your specific circumstances may call for additional procedures requiring extra work for the posterior mandible, sinus elevation, bone regeneration, and the diameter needed for the successful placement of the implant. These additional procedures can cause the cost of a dental implant to rise significantly resulting in fees anywhere from 15,000 to $30,000 to complete treatment.

However, there is a common misconception that dental implant procedures are more expensive than the alternative restorative options available. This is simply not true. Actually, dental implants are much more cost effective than the other procedures used in restoring tooth loss. The other procedures available for tooth restoration will require repairs, maintenance, replacements, and additional procedures to preserve the facial structure and prevent additional tooth loss.

For example, patients receiving a bridge restorative treatment will likely require additional procedures to treat teeth that were shaved down in the process, repairs to treat bone defects, or an entire replacement bridge. Over the course of 10 to 15 years, a patient may require bone repair and a single bridge replacement resulting in over $6,000. A dental implant along with a supported crown would’ve cost $2,000 to $4,000.

There are several factors that tie into the cost of a dental implant such as the dentist’s experience, location, the materials used to construct the implant, as well as the coverage provided by your dental insurance.

The cost for dental implants used in full mouth reconstruction will range from $24,000 to $100,000.

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Dental Implants Means Long-Term Savings!

Why Should I Replace A Missing Tooth?

Most times, neglecting a dental problem now will unfortunately lead to more expensive but avoidable problems in the future. Here are a few events that could happen after you lose a tooth:

  • When a tooth falls out, the surrounding bone will atrophy.
  • Remaining teeth are then supported by a weakened jaw.
  • The remaining teeth then must do extra work and may shift.
  • The remaining teeth may then be lost.
  • Bridges and partials can increase your risk for tooth loss.

Factors That Affect Implant Cost

There are several factors that can affect your tooth implant cost, such as:

1. The amount of implants
2. The type of implants
3. If gum disease is present
4. If bone loss has occurred
5. If extractions are required

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1. The Amount of Implants

Patients who require a larger number of implants can expect to pay a higher tooth implant cost. This is because more time and materials are needed to complete the procedure. Dr. Tan, Dr. Crosby and Dr. Siu Ng spend a lot of time plotting the exact location of each implant to ensure that there are no complications. When additional implants are required, more time is needed to plot the specific location of each one.

2. The Type of Implants

There are several different types of implants to choose from depending on what your individual needs are. For example, a single implant will have a different cost than a set of implant supported dentures. To find out which type of implant procedure is best for you, contact Dr. Tan, Dr. Crosby and Dr. Siu Ng to schedule a consultation and get an estimate on your tooth implant cost.

3. If Gum Disease is Present

Healthy bone and tissue are vital to the success of your dental implant procedure. If there is any evidence of gum disease present, Dr. Tan and Dr. Siu Ng will need to treat this condition before going forward. The need for gum disease treatment will affect your overall tooth implant cost.

4. If Bone Loss Has Occurred

High bone density is necessary to hold your implants in place. If you have experienced significant bone loss for any reason, Dr. Tan, Dr. Crosby and Dr. Siu Ng will most likely need to perform a bone graft. You can expect this to impact your overall tooth implant cost.

5. If Tooth Extractions are Necessary

Tooth extractions are necessary when a tooth has been injured or decayed beyond repair. In most cases, dental implants are used to replace these teeth. The cost of a tooth extraction can often increase the overall tooth implant cost.

Due to their multitude of benefits, dental implants are the preferred method of replacing missing teeth. For an accurate estimate on your dental implants cost in Orillia, Ontario, contact Dr. Tan, Dr. Crosby and Dr. Siu Ng to schedule your consultation today!