Dental Technology

Whether you need a new filling, need to replace an old filling, would like to enhance your appearance or require more extensive treatment, our modern dental technology ensures your smile will be restored to comfortable function and beautiful esthetics. Ask Dr. Tan and Dr. Crosby about the many investments our office has made to ensure your visit is more comfortable!


Georgian Dental is currently using the CEREC AC system, state-of-the-art technology which utilizes short wavelength light for scanning your teeth to achieve incredible detail- this means better fitting restorations which can last much longer than before. CEREC restorations are metal and mercury-free, conserve natural tooth structure, are biocompatible and are bonded for added strength, which is a proven investment in your dental health!

Intra-Oral Camera

This small video camera allows us to photograph any areas of concern in your mouth – both periodontal and restorative. By seeing and understanding what we see, you are better able to make informed decisions about your treatment.

Digital X-Rays

Georgian Dental offers the latest in computer generated dental x-rays. Images of your teeth appear quickly on screen and are larger and easier to see, helping you understand diagnosis and treatment planning.

Film and developer are no longer required making this technology environmentally friendly! Digital radiography is another way Georgian Dental is creating a pleasant and efficient dental experience for you!

Laser Dentistry

Lasers are used from treating decayed teeth to complex cases of cosmetic and aesthetic smile designs, to non-surgical treatment of gum disease.

Dr. Tan and Dr. Crosby have incorporated the use of lasers in all phases of dentistry.

Air Abrasion

Georgian Dental offers new drill-less technology that can be used in many procedures as a more comfortable alternative to the dental drill. Less need for injections, no vibrations, less time in the chair, and no loud, whining drill. Thanks to this new technology, we can provide you with new tooth colored fillings faster and easier than ever before. New drill-less technology gently sprays away decay. Ask
Dr. Tan and Dr. Crosby today for more information.

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