Root Canal Treatment

How exactly is a root canal performed? First, your tooth will be isolated by a rubber dam. After being numbed, an opening extending down into the pulp is made in the crown of the tooth. The pulp is removed and the root canal cleaned and shaped to hold the filling. At this point, the canal may either be permanently filled and sealed, or filled with a medication to reduce infection. The tooth may be placed with a temporary filling or left open to drain. At your next appointment, the interior of the canal is sterilized and then permanently filled and sealed. X-rays will be taken throughout this procedure to ensure the canal is smooth and free of infected pulp. Dr. Tan and Dr. Crosby may recommend placing a crown on your teeth to help strengthen it. Please ask a team member if you would like more information.

Georgian Dental is uniquely able to perform endodontic treatments from root canal therapy to reinforcement with a crown in one day:

We are the most experienced 3D dental printing in the whole Muskoka Simcoe area. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of integrating this technology in 2015. In fact, we use the latest ceramic technology that has been shown in scientific test to significantly exceed the performance of previous generation of ceramics.

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