Contrary to what most want to believe, Mother’s Day is not a statutory holiday. Mother’s Day is celebrated in Canada during the month of May. Specifically, Mother’s Day is always celebrated annually on the second Sunday in May. This year, Mother’s Day occurs on May 8th, 2016. Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries around the world during other mother months such as March. Should you make the mistake of celebrating Canada’s Mother’s Day in March – be thankful that you celebrated it too early, rather than too late… THAT would really get you in hot water with mom.

So, a quick reminder to yourself; only two months seem to be the most popular worldwide for Mother’s Day. March or May. Both months starting with the letter ‘M’ for Mom. Whenever in doubt, repeat the celebration for both months to ensure to get the highest points with mom. Love for moms is like getting chocolates, you simply cannot get too much!

Totally different story for Father’s Day. Canada celebrates Father’s Day in June, whereas other countries will have Father’s Day in August. No memory hooks to be had there – sorry Dads!

Mother’s Day is  a day meant to honour mothers and appreciate their role in society and their role in families.

In the weeks prior to the second Sunday of May, flowers sales spike, confectionary online and retail shops sell tons of cookies. Hallmark makes a fortune from card sales. Remember to devote some extra time with moms, give them a great big bear hug and remind them how much we love them.
Demonstrate your appreciation for their time and effort – what do you do special for mom on Mothers Day besides breakfast in bed? Leave your comments below.