Our smiles can be compromised in numerous ways, and a less than perfect smile can make us feel self-conscious and cause us to lack in confidence about smiling in public. Teeth that are damaged, excessively worn, or exhibit large amounts of tooth decay can all have a devastating effect on our smile, but tooth restorations such as dental crowns can help to return a smile back to its brilliant best.

A dentist uses dental crowns to cover and conceal teeth that have been badly damaged, but they can also be used to provide an anchor point for dental bridges, which is a popular method of tooth restoration where a patient has lost a tooth.

Repeated fillings can weaken the strength of the tooth, making it more susceptible to damage. When a dentist evaluates that a tooth may be sufficiently weakened where it might break or crack under further pressure, they may elect to cap the tooth with a dental crown.

A tooth’s enamel may be worn, cracked or broken, or marked with decay but the underlying portions of the tooth may be intact and healthy. In these instances, dental crowns can help to preserve the tooth’s structure and improve appearance by concealing the damage, while helping to provide support to the tooth.

Crowns may also be used in treatments such as root canals, where the crown is used to cover and conceal the entry point made into the tooth by the dentist, and to provide added support.

A dentist prepares a tooth to receive a dental crown by first removing a small amount of the tooth enamel. The removal of enamel helps to better accommodate the crown, which following dental impressions, is shaped and shaded to best match the patient’s existing tooth structure and color. This helps to provide a natural appearance to the finished treatment.

A temporary crown is used for a time following the removal of the tooth enamel, while the permanent crown is being manufactured by a dental lab. Once returned by the lab, the permanent crown is cemented into place, giving a secure and long-lasting tooth restoration that looks natural and enhances the patient’s smile, while maintaining the strength and integrity of the natural tooth.
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