The Georgian Dental® Parent’s Snow Day Survival Guide
School’s closed – now what? That’s what many working parents have to contend with when their school-aged children have an unexpected snow day. Don’t let it stress you out. There are things you can do that’ll reduce the impact these kinds of days will have on your day.

Check The Forecast

The majority of snowstorms are predicted several days in advance. Right before the weekend, review the weekly forecast. If you see snow on the list, do most of the important work at the start of the week. You can come up with your contingency plans for the week.

For instance, if your child has a dentist appointment with Georgian Dental the day the snow is supposed to hit, give them a call and ask them what you can do. The dentist may have openings for earlier in the week, or you they may reschedule you for a better time – on the instance that the snowstorm does happen.

Talk With Your Co-Workers

Chances are you’re not the only parent in the office, which means others will be affected by these snow days too. Winter weather could make it dangerous for some co-workers to make it to the office. This means the company, if it chooses to stay open, needs to learn how to operate with minimal resources. Whose job can be done remotely? What kind of equipment are folks going to need?

If there are people who need to come in at a particular time, then determine if shifts can be exchanged. While your boss should have already had these things on his/her mind, they may not. Bring the matter up! And, if you’re the boss, consider the logistics before the business suffers a catastrophic blow – flooding, road closures, etc.

Co-Parenting System

Your spouse or child’s parent can also help with the “snow crisis”. You can alternate the winter days, especially if one person’s job is more flexible. Also, if your child’s other parent can drive better on the snow and there’s a dentist appointment at Georgian Dental, allow them to drive to the appointment, making sure it’s open first.

Ask For Help From Other Families

Remember, it takes a village to raise children. And, if you find yourself struggling to find suitable alternatives to your situation, ask the families nearby for help. After all, they’re having the same issue you are – what to do with their kids. Perhaps one family has a stay-at-home mom who could benefit from the snow day with a little extra cash or do it for free on the contention that you do it next time.

Find A Back-Up Caregiver

All working parents need options to care for their school-aged children in case school is closed. Develop a portfolio of potential caregivers who live in your area and are available on a short notice.  Perhaps your neighbor has a high school student who can use the extra money to watch your child on a snow day.

If you’re telecommuting to your job, someone watching your child for several hours while you get the job done can help you get through your to-do list.

Take Your Children With You If You Can

If you’re not able to do this, don’t stress. However, if you have children between the ages of 5 and 12, consider taking them to work with you. These kids are not able to stay home by themselves, but you can easily entertain these kids at work – books to read, iPad, laptop, etc.

All you need to do is sit them in a corner and do your work.  Be sure to talk to the boss first about this.

Plan Your Day Out

If you’ve got no child care and you’re working from home, you’ll need to have a strategy about how best to deal with your kids and work. If your children want to go outside and play and want you to join them, do that first. This tires them out and allows them the snow-day fix. After that, they’re sure to be quiet.  Play movies while you make those important phone calls. If your children are toddlers, do your important phone calls at naptime.

Give your child toys or art supplies to keep them interested while you’re working.

Come Up With A Long-Term Solution

If you live near family, consider using them when you’re caught off guard. While a grandparent or aunt may not want to watch your child every day, but they can help on those unexpected snow days. Or, they may take your child to the dentist at Georgian dental.

They can help you in that pinch when you’ve exhausted all other options.

Breathe In and Relax

The last thing you need to be is stressed out. Don’t ruin what could possibly be a good time for your kids. The world won’t stop if you can’t do everything you need to do. But, you will get to have a little fun with your children by making snow angels or building a snowman and having hot chocolate. Remember, your kids are little for only so long.

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