For people who are uncomfortable visiting the dentist, even a routine check up can cause a high level of anxiety. For these people, a sedation dentist can make a huge difference. This approach to dentistry allows individuals with dental anxiety to visit the dentist’s office in comfort.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

Unlike general anesthesia, sedation dentistry places you into an extremely relaxed state. You are completely aware during your dental visit, and there is no loss of memory afterward. Time seems to go more quickly than normal, and even complex and involved procedures can be performed with ease. [pullquote]If you suffer from dental anxiety, or require complex or multiple procedures, consider sedation dentistry.[/pullquote]
In general, there are two main types of sedation dentistry. One type consists of your dentist using a sedative pill. The alternative is your sedation dentist using nitrous oxide. Both methods produce a calm, relaxed experience for the patient. With nitrous oxide, however, there is no need to wait for the sedative to take effect. It also wears off quickly after the work is complete, so in most cases you can drive yourself home after nitrous oxide treatment. A sedative pill takes longer to clear your system, so if you receive this treatment, you should arrange for someone to pick you up from the office.

Why Choose Sedation Dentistry?

There are many reasons to choose sedation dentistry. It is particularly helpful for people who experience higher than usual anxiety when visiting the dentist. If you have had bad experiences with the dentist in the past, you might be anxious even when you go for a cleaning or check up. You might also have avoided the dentist for a long time and need to have more than one procedure done, such as a few fillings, deep cleanings, or crowns. Sedation dentistry makes it much easier for your dentist to perform multiple procedures in one visit, since you are very relaxed during the work.
If you suffer from dental anxiety, or require complex or multiple procedures, consider sedation dentistry. It can change your dental visit from an ordeal to a relaxing few hours in the dental chair. Call the Barrie ON office of Drs. Crosby and Tan at 1.888.739.2975 for questions regarding sedation dentistry.