The enamel of the teeth does not rebuild itself or regenerate. Therefore, when the surface or appearance of a tooth is changed, the tooth must be restored with the help of modern dental materials.
When a small portion of the tooth is affected, a simple filling may be the solution. When a larger portion of the tooth is involved, a dental crown is recommended.
Your dentist may suggest dental crowns to restore the teeth after root canal treatments, large fillings, or extensive fractures. Dental crowns may also be recommended to improve the appearance of the natural teeth.
A dental crown completely caps or covers the tooth, enabling your dentist to restore both the function and the appearance of the tooth. Most often, your dentist will select a high grade of porcelain or ceramic for your new crown. These materials are incredibly strong, able to tolerate changes in moisture and temperature. They can also withstand the significant forces associated with biting.
Esthetically, dental crowns are an ideal solution because they can be customized to reflect the beauty of a natural tooth. With a texture similar to natural enamel, crowns are smooth and comfortable in the mouth. The exact shade and shape of the crown can be selected according to your dentist’s specifications.
Virtually any cosmetic flaw can be concealed with a dental crown. Teeth that are discolored, have unsightly fillings, or are broken down can be completely reconstructed with a dental crown. The plan for your treatment can also be customized. A single crown can be used as needed, or multiple crowns can be used to achieve a comprehensive result.
When designed by an experienced dentist, your crown will blend seamlessly with the neighboring teeth and last for many years. You’ll learn to smile brightly and chew with confidence.
Improve the appearance of your natural teeth and strengthen your smile. Schedule a professional consultation with our experienced Barrie dental team to explore the benefits of dental crowns today.