As we get closer to March/April and warmer weather, it will be useful to predict where the Zika virus pandemic will spread. Due to the Aedes aegypti mosquito being the main vector for the virus, the range of the Zika pandemic should mimic the Aedes aegypti global distribution.

Global Aedes aegypti distribution (e08347)

Global Aedes aegypti distribution (Zika virus vector). The map depicts the probability of occurrence (from 0 blue to 1 red) at a spatial resolution of 5 km × 5 km.

The interesting question is this: what is the distribution of microcephaly which is supposedly due to the effects of the Zika virus on fetus development. Presumably, microcephaly should mimic the Aedes aegypti distribution as well, but presently and interestingly, we only hear about the increased frequency of microcephaly from Brazil. There’s more to microcephaly than just the Zika virus.

Until we learn more, for our patients planning a trip to equatorial regions, particularly for March Break 2016, take a look at this app called Sickweather that tracks illnesses. When I enquired specifically about Zika cases, Sickweather CEO, Graham Dodge, predicts they “hope to have something in place before Spring/Summer. We already send local notifications about Zika cases to our users via our mobile apps when Zika reports are confirmed by public health organizations in their area.”

Presently the service demonstrates the ability to predict, with remarkable accuracy, pandemic outbreaks ahead of most reporting methods including the CDC by searching through social media posts and public health sources for reports on certain key words related to illness. There also an iOS and Google play version of the app to take the information along with you.

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