Cost of orthodontics getting you down? Here’s step by step instructions on how to do your own clear braces! (Informational purposes only)


College student budgets are notoriously tight, but Amos Dudley found a way to demonetize Invisalign braces using equipment in his school’s digital fabrication lab. After some orthodontics research, Dudley bought inert retainer plastic on eBay and used a NextEngine laser scanner, Stratasys Dimension 1200es 3D printer, and a vacuum forming machine to create a set of personalized, homemade aligners. After 16 weeks of wearing them, Dudley’s teeth are perfectly straight — and all for $60 in braces 3d printing

Invisalign has already demonetized custom tooth aligners with its 3D printing process. But as 3D printers continue their exponential growth — performing better, for less money — makers will be able to create anything they want, at any time
Click here for Amos Dudley’s step by step instructions: “don’t try this at home!”

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