The re-purposing and marketing of drugs based on surprising effects is nothing new. Thanks to research, a failed drug for one condition would be redeveloped to for incredible success because of that drugs unexpected side effects. Ever heard of Rogaine, Viagara or Latisse? Viagara was originally developed for cardiovascular disease (or was that Rogain?) but it wasn’t too long before researchers noticed unexpected side effects that helped turn Viagara into a billion dollar drug. Latisse was used in ophthalmic treatment with just mediocre success until researches discovered that the drug made their users grow incredibly luscious and long eye lashes!

Now, a widely used drug presently prescribed for the treatment of diabetes and costs mere cents to make is hitting the Spotlight, according to the New Zealand Harold. That drug is Metformin and is believed to increase oxygen flow at the cellular level. This action apparently slows down the  necessary cell divisions that keep our bodies functioning correctly but ultimately leads to aging. Laboratory testing on roundworms by Belgian researchers have yielded positive results. Human trials on Metformin as a new anti-aging drug is slated for Human trials in 2016. The lifespan of a female born today is expected to be an average age of 82.8 years while a male born today is expected to live to an average age of 78.8 years, according to the Office for National Statistics. If the results of the Belgian animal studies are are reproduced in humans, human lifespan could increase by nearly 50 per cent. The potential result of this could mean that humans could extend their life spans to 120 years of age and be in good health to the very end.

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P/S: Metformin’s list of other uses is growing: this drug is also presently prescribed as a fertility pill in addition to use as treatment for diabetics. Can you see the unexpected effects of mixing Metformin for longevity, Viagara for vitality and then having to deal with an ‘accident’. Makes you want to start using Rogaine to help with hair loss from worrying to death!