Tooth fillings have come a long way in recent years, and those facing the prospect of a filling are no longer limited to the silver amalgam compounds used in the past. Instead, your dentist can use tooth-colored fillings; helping to provide a more natural looking finish to the smile, without compromising the filling’s purpose.
Cavities in our teeth can allow tooth decay to progress further into the tooth’s structure, so it is important that any cavities are filled. As part of a regular dental check-up, a dentist will examine teeth for signs of cavities forming; by probing teeth, the dentist can detect holes in teeth, or softening of enamel that might represent potential trouble spots. [pullquote]By using tooth-colored fillings, the dentist can maintain the natural appearance of the smile.[/pullquote]
Where cavities do exist, the dentist will look to remove any tooth decay and fill the hole in order to prevent further bacteria which cause tooth decay to enter the tooth’s structure and further weaken it.
In the past, silver amalgam was used for this purpose. A dentist can now use tooth-colored filings made of composite resins instead of silver amalgam compounds. By using tooth-colored fillings, the dentist can maintain the natural appearance of the smile. The composite resins used in tooth-colored fillings can also bond better with the natural structure of a tooth, meaning the dentist has to drill away less of the tooth’s natural construction.
Patients with existing silver amalgam fillings can have their fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings by a dentist. The composite resin used in tooth-colored fillings affords greater resistance to hot and cold changes in temperature, and can aid in reducing the effects of sensitive teeth, and are durable enough to last for years.
Tooth-colored fillings can leave you with a beautiful, natural-looking smile. For additional information, contact our skilled and dedicated dental team at Georgian Dental. Call 888-739-2975 to schedule your visit today.