A good number of patients that we help during the course of a day have challenges with chronic gum inflammation aggravated by tobacco use. Regularly, its common for my crew to discover cavities from dental neglect, exacerbated by tobacco use and improper nutrition.
Getty Images / Tobias Helbig – http://qz.com/
We acknowledge that a high sugar diet doesn’t in itself result in cavities, but when you incorporate dental hygiene neglect into the mix, this creates a formula for dental disaster. This article, “Big food companies should start to worry about tobacco-like lawsuits” does deliver a new perspective on the negative systemic effect of excessive sugar levels, not on teeth, but on our overall health and well being.  A paediatrician, Dr. Robert Lustig raised a lawsuit against a food company’s potential mislabelling of sugar and is raising the profile on many of the insidious ways the Food Industry incorporates massive quantities of sugar into our foods. I see another “Super Size Me” documentary on sugar in the making. Do you feel that sugar levels are excessively high in the food you consume? Do you realize that the amount of sugar you consume could actually be more than you realize? Is there truth in labelling for the food that you and your family consumes? or is there something the Food Industry doesn’t want you to know?

Dr. Adam Tan DMD FAGD