Cavities, one of childhood’s most common diseases, can be prevented with the help of our Barrie dentist. With routine dental treatment and periodic examinations, your dentist can provide various preventative treatments that are proven to prevent or reduce the risk of
By heeding your dentist’s instructions and reinforcing these instructions at home, you can help to eliminate future discomfort and improve your child’s health.
Establishing a regular pattern of brushing and flossing is an important part of your child’s oral hygiene routine. Teaching your child the importance of removing plaque bacteria and food particles can significantly reduce the risk of cavities. Brushing with a soft toothbrush and an age-appropriate toothpaste should be encouraged upon rising in the morning, between meals, and before bed each evening.
Offering a healthy diet can also prevent or reduce the risk of tooth decay. Carbohydrates from both natural and artificial sugars can contribute to tooth decay. It is important to understand that even natural sugars, such as those found in unsweetened fruit juices and milk, can cause cavities. Other carbohydrates, such as breads, pastas, and crackers, can also break down into fuel for acid-causing bacteria.
In the dental office, your dentist may recommend fluoride treatments to prevent cavities. Fluoride is available in most municipal water sources, most toothpaste brands, and in the form of mouthrinses and supplements. This form of low-concentrated fluoride is appropriate for daily use, but a stronger, more concentrated fluoride treatment is recommended periodically in the dental office. Fluoride helps to strengthen and remineralize weakened enamel as well as reverse some of the earliest signs of tooth decay.
Dental sealants are a preventative coating placed on the biting surfaces of the molar teeth to reduce the risk of decay. The biting surface of the back molars is a common location for cavities, and the grooves and pits on the top of the teeth can make cleaning difficult. Sealing these surfaces with a safe, clear material is a conservative and frequently recommended method of prevention.
Although cavities are a common dental disease, they can be prevented with proper care at home and in the dental office. To schedule your child’s dental visit, call our Barrie ON office at 1.888.739.2975 for your appointment.