As an adult patient who has suffered tooth loss, you have many questions about how this could have happened to you, but more importantly how can this be treated? Whether you have suffered tooth loss due to trauma, decay or dental disease, you can return to the normal life you enjoyed before that loss occurred thanks to dental implants.
The loss of one or more teeth is devastating. Smiling or speaking in public can crush your spirit. Eating the foods you used to love is questionable. There are different options available depending on your needs. But if you wish to enjoy that renewed self-confidence and peace of mind, the best solution available is with one or more dental implants.
Dental implants are surgically imbedded into gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. These little metal devices are made from titanium, a metal that has been proven to be the best material available to bond to existing bone tissue, and even promote bone to regenerate around the implant.
During the time it takes to heal, the implant will undergo a process referred to osseointegration. This is when the implant becomes part of the permanent dental anatomy as it fuses to surrounding bone tissue. The implant will become the substitute for the root of the tooth that was lost giving the final restoration strength and support.
Following the plan outlined for you by your dentist is critical to the success of your implant. This is a lengthy process so you must be committed to keeping the implant area clean and free from infection. Smokers and tobacco users should agree to abstain as smoking is a leading contributor to implant failure.
Once the implant area has healed, your dentist will be ready to complete your cosmetic enhancement. Whether you have one or several implants, the final restoration will be fabricated to match as closely as possible to the contour and color of the surrounding teeth, making the implants virtually impossible to detect from your natural teeth.
The benefits you can expect to enjoy with dental implants is the ability to eat, speak and smile with that renewed self-confidence and peace of mind … no concerns about slippage, you can eat all the foods you enjoy and forget that period of time where tooth loss was a major concern.
If you are considering dental implants to restore your smile to what it once was, contact the office of Drs. Adam Tan and Stephen Crosby and schedule a consultation today.