This is a fascinating and relevant dental interest video because I’ve never realized that, as the Royal Expert Camilla Tominey placed it: the ‘British Smile’ is “worn as a badge of honour” by the ‘Top Class” and The Royal Duchess Kate seems to then be bucking the trend in Britain, whereas In North America, the emphasis is placed on a healthy smile. In a sense, Americans equate great looking teeth and healthy smile to a higher social status. It’s a major image boost. The “British Smile” is a cruel generalization I know, but the reporter Annabel Roberts of NBC news feels that Britons do get the joke about The New Republic’s lampoon of a symbol for British pride.

The tooth (LOL) of the matter is this: crooked, yellow teeth will result in awful gum health. There was a study performed by researchers at United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals, London, in UK no less, that found a relationship between overlapping incisor teeth and gum disease. The study went further to conclude that; while the overlapping of incisor teeth related to gum disease, this relationship cannot be simply explained by an effect of oral hygiene. This is of great concern if neglected gum disease leads to tooth loss. According to the CDC, (Ontario, I’m looking at you too!) 25% of the US population over 65 are edentulous.

Do you know what you’ll be doing 30 years from now? Eating! Three times a day…

5 times or more if you’re on a cruise

Isn’t investing in your teeth a going to pay you back over and over again? And the time to do it is now, because you can enjoy the use of properly functioning teeth for all of that time, and did you realize that you heal faster today you than when you’re 75, 85 or older. I’ll post on this later. I had a terrific conversation with a patient last week about her experiences and how she would’ve done things differently from the onset. She’s now 85 years old, wiser and shared tremendous insights with me.

Thanks for reading – and please ensure to keep your smile in style!

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