“Silver” Fillings Have Mercury and Harm

Mercury Toxicity and Neurological Diseases by Dr. Boyd Hailey

Amalgam Fillings and their Risks by Mark Richardson PhD – 2010

All About Methyl Mercury and Lead by Mark Richardson, PhD

Mercury Exposure
in Children

Mike Godfrey, MD reviews the adverse effects of mercury fillings

Amalgam-Derived Mercury
and Bacteria

Part 1: Mark Richardson, PhD discusses the risks of mercury amalgam fillings

Part 2 Mark Richardson, PhD discusses the risks of mercury amalgam fillings.

Thomas Baldwin DDS, discusses the evaluation and correction of patient toxicity’s

David and Mark Geier discuss mercury amalgam effects on children

Dr Boyd Haley discusses the difficulties in Treating Heavy Metal Toxicity


COMED‘s mission is to reduce the level of mercury in all drugs, and end the knowing addition of mercury, in any form, to vaccines and other drugs

MEDSCAPE: One of the best articles to date because of its conciseness on the effects of methylmercury exposure (minimata’s disease) and the etiological relationship between organic (i.e. methylmercury) and inorganic mercury (eg. elemental mercury vapour)