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Root Canals

How Successful is a Root Canal Treatment?

A root canal is a common dental treatment used by a dentist to remove infection from inside a tooth, before sealing the tooth to preserve its structure. Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatment is no more painful that getting a filling, and the success rate of root canal treatments is high.

A tooth’s root canal system holds the tooth’s pulp – the soft tissue at the center of the tooth – and extends the full length of the tooth, from the crown to the root, where it affixes to the jaw. A tooth can have one or several root canal systems.

A root canal is a common dental treatment used by a dentist to remove infection from inside a tooth, before sealing the tooth to preserve its structure.

Cavities in the teeth allow bacteria to enter the tooth, where it begins to attack and infect the pulp. The pulp begins to die, multiplying the bacteria, which then spreads throughout the tooth and can enter the patient’s gum tissue and jaw bone, potentially affecting other teeth. The result can be severe pain, and dental abscesses may form, as well as the degradation of the jaw bone around the tooth.

In root canal treatment, a dentist treats the cause of the infection by accessing and removing the tooth’s diseased pulp from the root canals. Once the diseased pulp has been removed, the dentist will then use antiseptics to clean the tooth and kill off any lingering bacteria before sealing the root canals with a rubbery compound called gutta-percha. To finish off, the dentist often applies a dental crown in order to conceal the filling and for added strength.

After the treatment, the patient should suffer no further ill-effects, while the retention of the tooth helps to preserve the patient’s natural bite alignment and strength, whereas an extraction may see either or both affected by changes in the tooth’s structure, unless dental reconstruction occurs, such as through dental implants. As such, root canal treatments are hugely successful in not only dealing with the cause of the infection, but also in the preservation of the patient’s bite.

What’s more, the expected lifespan of a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment can run to many years, and in some cases a lifetime.

To learn more about root canal treatment in Orillia ON, contact our professional team at Georgian Dental Orillia. Call 705.325.1765 to schedule your informative consultation today.

Press Release: Innovation in Gum Surgery minimizes discomfort, avoids needles & suture

Pinhole – Gum Disease Awareness Month – February each year.

Summary: Dr. Adam Tan is honoring Gum Disease Awareness Month by educating patients in Barrie, ON, Canada to recognize the symptoms of gum disease, its associated health risks and the importance of prompt treatment. Receding gums is one of the most common symptoms of gum disease and Dr. Tan provides treatment with the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ (PST™), an alternative to traditional gum recession surgery.

Barrie, ON, CA — In support of Gum Disease Awareness Month in February, Dr. Adam Tan is raising awareness of the various health problems linked to gum disease, which range from local oral health problems to systemic illness. Dr. Tan is also helping patients in Barrie, ON, Canada prevent gum disease advancement with the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™), a type of receding gums treatment. Since gum recession is a top sign of periodontal disease, addressing gum recession promptly can offer significant health benefits.

Gum disease is highly prevalent in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly half of adults in the country suffer from periodontal disease. Gum disease can give rise to various oral health problems, including alveolar bone deterioration and tooth loss. Research also shows correlations between gum disease and various systemic illnesses including stroke, pancreatic cancer and heart disease. Many factors can contribute to gum disease, including inadequate oral hygiene, bite misalignment and poor nutrition. Dr. Tan encourages patients in Barrie, ON, CA to watch for symptoms of gum disease, such as receding gums, and seek prompt treatment.

Dr. Tan can correct gum recession that affects multiple teeth in a single session with the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST™), which is a new type of treatment. Dr. Tan performs this minimally invasive procedure by making a pinhole in the receding area and then loosening the tissue with a specialized tool through the pinhole. Once the tissue is loosened, Dr. Tan can push the gum line back to a more normal position. Most patients experience little bleeding or pain before or after this receding gums treatment. Additionally, since PST™ is minimally invasive, the risk of infection is very low.

Dr. Tan encourages patients to protect their periodontal and general health by paying attention to early signs of gum recession. Some patients notice changes in the appearance of their smiles as their visible tooth length increases. Other patients may experience physical sensations, such as tooth looseness or sensitivity. People who notice these signs can reduce their risk of gum disease and other health complications by visiting Dr. Tan in Barrie, ON, CA for treatment.

About the Practice

Georgian Dental is a general practice providing personalized dental care for patients in Barrie and Orillia, ON. Dr. Adam Tan received his Doctorate of Dental Medicine from the Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Tan is among the first group of periodontists and dentists in the country to undergo the training required to perform the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique™, a new minimally invasive alternative to traditional gum grafting surgery. Dr. Tan is the best-selling co-author of Healthy Input: America’s Leading Dentists Reveal the Secret Truths to a Healthy Body, Starting with What You Put in Your Mouth, which features advice and practices from leading dental experts. To learn more about the dental services available at Georgian Dental, please visit www.barriedentist.ca or call (705) 739-6725 to reach the Barrie office and (705) 325-1765 to reach the Orillia office.

Most whitening toothpastes use mildly abrasive ingredients to remove surface stains and keep teeth brighter. Some whitening toothpastes also use peroxide and similar bleaching agents in combination with abrasives for more dramatic effects. However, these toothpastes serve more as maintenance than a stand-alone teeth whitening solution.

If your teeth are stained or discolored, the most effective solution is a professional whitening treatment. Barrie dentist Dr. Adam Tan offers advanced in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions that can remove even stubborn stains to produce optimal results – providing the perfect base for maintenance with a whitening toothpaste.

It is important to remember that abrasive toothpastes may not be ideal for people with porcelain or ceramic restoration. If you have restorations such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers, Dr. Tan can help you understand your options and choose a toothpaste that is better suited to meet your needs.

imageCan you believe it?! It has been 10 years since Georgian Dental first started using 3D printing to create beautiful dental restorations in-house for our patients. Why? “Total control over the entire production process is essential to provide the best experience possible for our patients. For example, While the majority of crowns are made by a subcontracted lab, I wanted to have control over the quality of the way our dental crowns are made” said Dr. Adam Tan, the principle dentist at Georgian Dental. Dr. Tan is the first dental surgeon in central and Northern of Ontario, and in the Muskokas to incorporate 3D printing technology. Patients who have had this procedure done love the fact that they only have to come in for ONE APPOINTMENT and they can go home with a beautiful smile! YES – there is no need to return for your final crown, it is all done in ONE simple visit!! Dr. Tan reports ” we’ve come a long way! Compared to what used to take two weeks has totally evolved, dental restorations are now reduction-printed in around just 10 minutes!”

To celebrate the success we have had being the leader in 3D crown printing, Georgian Dental is taking 10% off all procedures involving 3D printing. This includes crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. In addition, you will also receive a Free Consultation and a Free Treatment Plan, which is normally worth $300.

“Total control over the entire production process is essential to provide the best experience possible for our patients.”

Since the operation of the printer requires specially trained team members, Georgian Dental can only offer limited appointments for this procedure each month. To avoid disappointment we recommend that you call right away and book your appointment before the promotion ends. Remember to show this article to our awesome administrative team and they will apply the discount for you.

For a better tomorrow, call today and we’ll get your smile in style. In Barrie, call: (705)739-6725. Www.BarrieDentist.ca. In Orillia call (705)325-1765 or www.OrilliaDentist.com

2015 Highlights

Highlights From 2015

Here’s some recent highlights of interest from 2015. I feel that often times, when “The News”  or personal mindset  seems to focus on the predominantly negative doom and gloom, massively transformative breakthroughs are happening just under their noses.

The top four for your consideration:

1. First New Antibiotic in 30 Years Discovered

What happened: A team from Northeastern University has discovered a new way to isolate antibiotic chemical compounds from microbes in soil, using an electronic chip to grow and control the microbes. The team discovered that one compound, Teixobactin, is highly effective against common bacterial infections.

Why it is important: The discovery of Teixobactin, “could pave the way for a new generation of antibiotics” because of how the team discovered and processed the drug. As we move closer to a world of abundance, drug resistance will become a surmountable challenge as we develop new ways to fight and resolve these problems. “Teixobactin shows how we can adopt an alternative strategy and develop compounds to which bacteria are not resistant.”

2. Engineered Polio Virus Treats Cancer

What happened: This year, doctors used a genetically re-engineered polio virus, PVS-RIPO, to treat glioblastoma — a brain tumor that carries a life expectancy of less than a year. Unlike other experimental treatments in the past using HIV, measles and smallpox, researchers from Duke found that polio actually seeks out and attaches itself to receptors that can be found on almost every solid tumor. Not only was this reengineered polio virus successful in seeking out and poisoning cancerous cells, but it also steered clear of normal cells.

Why it is important
: Advances in exponential technologies like synthetic biology and genomics are reinforcing the notion that previously unresolvable diseases (cancer, heart disease, Altzeimers) are in fact resolvable. We are developing solutions to these problems at an accelerating rate, and as we usher in an era of personalized medicine, we will see a dramatic increase in the healthy human lifespan. At my company Human Longevity Inc, our mission is to make 100 the new 60.

3.Researchers in China use CRISPR-Cas9 to Edit Genomes of Human Embryos

What happened: This year, a research team out of Guangzhou, China reported that they’d been able to edit the genomes of human embryos using CRISPR-Cas9 – a new gene splicing technique. Also this year, scientists from London’s Francis Crick Institute applied for approval to edit genes in human embryos. If approved, it will be the world’s first approval of such research by a national regulatory body.

Why It’s Important
: CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. It is a strand of DNA that was found in 1987 to be part of a bacterial defense system. It turns out that we can actually use this same mechanism to target and splice specific strands of our DNA – in other words, the CRISPR/Cas system is a way to **edit** our genome. It is cheap, quick, easy to use, and more accurate than previous methods, and as a result, we will soon have the tools to eliminate diseases, create hardier plants, wipe out pathogens and much, much more.


4. Georgian Dental Celebrates 10 years of 3-D printing leadership in dentistry

Will get your smile in style!

Celebrating 10 years of 3-D dental printing technology leadership

What happened: The adoption of 3-D printing technology in dentistry 10 years ago, positions Georgian Dental Orillia and Georgian Dental Barrie you need to be able to meet the demands of our patients for high-quality, long-lasting, dentistry in a day. Compared to the vast unfortunate majority patients who only have a choice of conventional crowns, our patient base enjoys single tooth restorations, cosmetic veneers to total tooth replacement in just one visit! Further, dental materials biocompatibility testing with certified Naturalpathic Doctors enable us to identify the most appropriate, well tolerated material to be used in the restorative process.

Why It’s Important: You no longer have to wait for two weeks as is often time required when a crown is fabricated at a dental lab. Neither do you have to contend with uncomfortable temporary crowns and risk  potentially inflammatory dental materials that are incompatible with your biotype. Risk of tooth damage is mitigated, and most importantly, you will  get back on track with life and schedule as quickly as technologically possible!

Georgian Dental Orillia and Georgian Dental Barrie are still excepting patients for the New Year’s resolution rush, however, appointment availability is limited. To avoid disappointment, and for a better tomorrow, call Georgian Dental Orillia at: [705] 325-1765. To reach our team in Barry, call Georgian Dental Barrie: 705.739.6725.

Dental Emergency – Dental Trauma to Permanent Teeth

A dental emergency can occur at any time, regardless of the level of care we take to maintain good dental health. While regular brushing, flossing and visits to a dentist can all help to reduce the risk of cavities and tooth loss, we can still suffer trauma to our permanent teeth in other ways.

As children, there is an increased risk of teeth becoming injured due to falls as they begin to learn to walk and run. As children begin to get older and they begin to play sports, then physical risk increases.

Physical activities increase the risk of losing one or more teeth, especially in cases of contact sports which can damage our teeth, and even knock teeth out of our mouths altogether! It’s little wonder that so many athletes engaged in physical sports often utilize a mouth guard in order to protect their teeth.

Of course, we don’t have to be indulging in sports to run the risk of teeth being traumatized. Biting down on hard or raw foods exert pressures on our teeth which could in turn lead to chips or cracks forming in the tooth’s enamel that require treatment by a dentist.

Trips, slips and falls can occur at any time throughout our day-to-day lives; from a missed spillage in a supermarket aisle, to missing a step as we walk or run, the chances of suffering a fall and potentially suffering a dental emergency is always present to some degree.

And so, it is always important to ensure we have an action plan for when we do suffer a dental emergency. If travelling for instance, consider preparing an emergency kit to keep in a handbag. While guaze pads and antiseptics can be good for cuts and scrapes, a dentist can advise on items to include that can aid in the case of sudden dental-related trauma.

Swift remedial action in the event of a sudden event that damages teeth can often help to preserve the tooth, rather than require removal. If a tooth is lost, then it is possible that a dentist can re-implant it, for example, if the procedure to do so is performed quickly afterwards.

Dental trauma to permanent teeth can occur at any time, and with so much potential for unexpected dental trauma, it’s always important to know what to do in the event of a dental emergency.

For additional tips and information, contact Georgian Dental at 888-739-2975 and schedule your appointment today.

Do you avoid dental appointments out of a fear of discomfort? Some level of dental phobia is common among Americans. In fact, as many as three-quarters of us have some level of anxiety about visiting the dentist. It’s even more common in patients who are middle-aged and older, who may have experienced their first encounters with dentists using techniques and instruments that did not provide much comfort.

Working with a sedation dentist can help you overcome any misgivings that keep you from accessing dental care. [pullquote]Working with a sedation dentist can help you overcome any misgivings that keep you from accessing dental care.[/pullquote]

A sedation dentist specializes in patient comfort, using medications and specialized techniques to make the appointment as pleasant an experience as possible.

The drugs administered by a sedation dentist allow patients to achieve a state of deep relaxation. The medications are generally from the class of anti-anxiety drugs (benzodiazapines) that includes common prescriptions like Valium and Ativan.

Patients can choose how to take the sedatives, as most can be taken orally or intravenously. Sedatives in pill form must be taken far enough in advance of the appointment to achieve the desired effect.

Although it feels like sleeping, you actually remain conscious while under sedation. This aspect of sedation is beneficial because it allows you to continue to respond to the dentist’s commands. Additionally, sedation does not require artificial airway maintenance, as general anesthesia does. This is why sedation is generally considered to be safer than general anesthesia.

Arrange to have a responsible adult escort you home if you do opt for sedation, as the medication’s effects will not wear off fully by the time your appointment is over. Nonetheless, these sedatives do wear off more quickly than the effects of general anesthesia.

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist out of fear of discomfort, consider sedation as an alternative to help you maintain your oral health. Keep in mind that a healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy body, so getting routine dental care with our experienced and caring team is an important component of your efforts to improve your overall well-being.

Our Blog is Back!

After a short hiatus from migrating our Barrie office to the new location, and migrating the barriedentist.ca website, we have our blog up and running again! Thanks to Patrick and Pete for all their assistance in getting this blog up and running again!


Grand Opening Georgian Dental Barrie

To my crew and everyone who helped make it possible:

Thank you for all your support, team work and enthusiasm on our Grand Opening (GO) day! I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart and say it is a real pleasure to work with a great team! Special thanks to the kids who helped redirect traffic and did a terrific job! Barrie’s Mayor Jeff Lehman, Patrick Brown our MPP, and Ward Councillors Lynn Strachan of Ward 2 and our great friend Councillor Peter Silviera or Ward 5, had to hike it in because we ran out of parking spots!  Thankfully, it was only a very short walk, thanks to the generosity of our neighbours for additional parking at the Crazy Fox Restaurant.

It was my great honour to have the pleasure of providing the Mayor, MPP and Councillors on a personal tours of our new practice and restored building, demonstrating the culmination of our efforts on combining state-of-the-art dental with the traditions of good service, great value and our clinic’s ideals.[pullquote] All within a historically important revitalized building – “The Grand Old Lady of Barrie” which neatly personifies the revitalization of Barrie’s Downtown core. [/pullquote]They all loved the view from our treatment rooms of Kempenfelt Bay and the multiple new condo developments in the downtown core! They had a great sense of humor. Patrick and the Mayor delivered commemorative documents during the ribbon cutting ceremony while Mayor Lehman noticed and appreciated the attention given to the decorations on the official red ribbons. He certainly has a strong attention to detail!

What a day that was! The weather forecast was for 5-10 cm of downpour to happen exactly at the time we started the event at 11 am until 2pm, but all of our positive energy definitely kept the rain away until the very end of our event, that was nothing short of a perfectly timed miracle of God! Steel Drum Hu did an amazing job to energize the GO team and keeping the gray skies away from our event by unleashing his rythms literally right at the corner of Wellington and Bayfield. Our porch made for an amazing perch to perform from! Many thanks to our incredible Community liaison Officer, Shelley Hofer who put an incredible amount of hard work and perspiration to pull it all off.

Some of the most notable comments from our community that elevated my heart was from residential neighbours and friend who drove by daily, and witnessed the story of the construction as it progressed. They couldn’t believe we pulled it off in time fro GO Day! They were blown away that we were actually seeing patients the week leading up to our GO event. Our neighbours were relieved to see that whomever became the present curator of the building did not simply chose to demolish the site but instead, preserve the historical beauty of ‘The Grand Old Lady of Barrie,” and triumphantly combine the timeless features of the building with a expansion that complimented, rather than detracted from the building’s character. We didn’t simply graft on more square footage but instead had a vision to enhance the late Edwardian Classism, with a modern twist, down to the layout of new windows and paint color choices.

Take your family on a free heritage walking tour and be my guest at 149 Bayfield street (#9 on the tour) to take in the architecture and history. http://www.tourismbarrie.com/docs/pdf-files/Grand_Homes_Tour.pdf?sfvrsn=0

What did the previous owners think? I brought them on a personal tour of the entire building and it certainly brought back lots of emotion and memories for Peter and Lynn Monovan. They ran Monovan’s Ski and Bike Shop in “The Grand Old Lady of Barrie” since 1985. Lynn is a terrific storyteller as she related how some of the greatest musical performers from the days of Prohibition would visit the building on Sundays to carry the party on. The building’s owner at that time was said to be the spinster daughter of the owner of The Royal York in Toronto. The Royal York was where the greatest Performers of the time reside and they would head north because of Prohibition and played on in The Grand Old Lady of Barrie after a hard weeks work. Back then, [pullquote]there was a grand piano in what is now our patient lounge, and they carried on their libations through the weekend. Rumor has it that Fred Astaire slept in the building![/pullquote] Peter and Lynn loved the fact that while I added all the space (“look at all this room, how did you get all this space?!”), many things for them remained exactly as how they remembered it. We preserved the Grand Foyer of vaulted oak paneling, the stained art glass and grand oak stairway, painstakingly restoring the banister by hand (“you fixed that ding on the banister!”) , preserving as many fireplaces as we could within what was allowed by building code.

Link to our FaceBook page for sneak preview photos and GO day events! www.facebook.com/GeorgianDental

We can see the momentum developing for Mayor Lehman’s vision of a “Complete Community,” with this project being performed only by local trades whose incredible professionalism, dedication and expertise I heartily support.  I extend our gratitude to Lisa Betram and her phenomenal crew headed by a very dedicated Don Reid from Bertram Construction Ontario and the visionaries at Formwork Studios, Keith and Akiko Currie. Don is the ultimate Site Manager. Among other things, he saved a member of his crew who had a heart attack, had a new son during the project and on the day before GO day, made sure the mulch in our flower beds were fluffed! The flooring and main stairs being done by Madrigal Renovations of Barrie- it’s impossible to keep those floors clean during construction! But, we’re not done yet. Details, details, details are still ongoing with Adam Elson of Wallwin, Jeff Abott from  Horizon Networks, Chris Kegel of Armor Technologies and Frank Curley of Patterson Dental who are truly performing an art to allow all the State-of-the-Art technologies to communicate cohesively with each other. Jean Akerman’s impeccable design style added the finishing touch and you can see her talent and design ‘signature’, on the reception desk of the patient lounge.

My crew are continuing to run the Raffle to support the Women and Children’s Shelter of Barrie. Thanks to our friends for all their generous support, both in purchasing tickets for the raffle and providing prizes for donation. We have an outstanding contribution prizes from Barrie businesses and patients.

Visit our community website for details and a list of prize contributors, get your Raffles now!  https://orilliadentist.com/2015/about-us/our-community

One last thing – On behalf of my crew, thanks to all my patients for giving us the reason to do this. And most importantly to Wendy, my wife, the three boys and our folks who helped give me the motivation to make it all possible. Wendy often times having to play the single parent when duties of the project called. You’re the best hons!

-Dr. Adam Tan DMD FAGD, Dental Surgeon. “Get Your Smile in Style!”




Root canal treatment involves a dentist removing the nerves and pulp from the internal structure of a tooth, before cleaning and sealing the tooth to prevent further problems. Root canals are typically used when the tooth’s nerve and pulp become damaged or infected, which can lead to severe pain.

The nerves within a tooth are housed in tiny channels – root canals – and there can be many of these channels within the tooth. Advanced tooth decay, which leads to cavities, can expose the channels to bacteria which attack the nerves and pulp, causing damage to these delicate tissues. As the bacteria multiply, the nerves and pulp begin to die and the bacteria can spread to the surrounding tissue, leading in turn to a painful abscess. [pullquote]Root canal treatments can often save a tooth that might otherwise have required extraction…[/pullquote]

The tooth’s nerves and pulp can also be damaged through repeated dental procedures on the tooth, such as repeated fillings, or if the tooth itself is cracked or chipped; once damaged, the nerves and pulp begins to die, creating bacteria that attacks the structure of the tooth and surrounding tissue. Cracked, loose or lost fillings can also present an opportunity for bacteria to enter the structure of the tooth and begin to attack the nerves.

To treat the problem, a dentist will often perform root canal treatment. This is done under a local anesthetic, and the dentist drills into the tooth to create an opening from which they can extract the damaged nerves and pulp. Once removed, the dentist cleans the interior of the tooth with an antiseptic before filling the root canals of the tooth with sealant and a rubberized substance called gutta percha.

The tooth is then filled to prevent re-entry by bacteria, and in some cases a dental crown may be used if the filling required is large, or if the tooth structure is deemed to have weakened sufficiently following the treatment to represent a breakage risk.

Root canal treatments can often save a tooth that might otherwise have required extraction; even without the tooth’s nerves and pulp, the tooth continues to live as nutrients and blood flow can still be derived from the surrounding tissues of the gum.

What is the Lifespan of a Dental Implant?

Our natural teeth take a lot of punishment throughout our daily lives; it is not uncommon then for many of us to experience the loss of a tooth. Teeth can be lost as a result of one or several mitigating factors, from accident to gum disease, and the effect a lost tooth can have on our dental health can be damaging. With dental implants, however, we can have a permanent replacement that looks and acts just as a natural tooth should.

Dental implants involve the placement of a small titanium rod into the gum tissue by an implant dentist. Over a period of time, the titanium bonds with the patient’s natural jawbone, in a process called osseointegration. This bonding provides the implant with strength, while also giving stimulus to the bone and gum tissues, helping to maintain health and tissue mass.

Once the bonding has been complete, the implant dentist tops the titanium rod with a porcelain crown that has been shaded and shaped to best match the appearance of the patient’s natural teeth. The completed implant acts for all intents and purposes as a normal, natural, healthy tooth by preserving the patient’s bite pattern and strength, aiding in speech, and preventing teeth from shifting position.

Due to the inherent strength afforded to the implant via osseointegration, the lifespan of a dental implant can stretch for many years. However, there are some factors which can affect the life expectancy of an implant; such issues as the quantity and quality of the jawbone; the location of the implant and the level of dental after-care can all have a bearing on how long a dental implant can expect to last. Health issues such as diabetes, or whether the patient is a smoker, can also affect the longevity of dental implants.

Like natural teeth, a good dental health regime can prolong the life of the dental implant, and it isn’t uncommon for dental implants to last a lifetime in the right circumstances.

To get the best out of dental implants, patients should ensure they seek regular dental checkups and maintain a good dental health program which involves daily brushing and flossing; lifestyle changes, such as cutting down on smoking tobacco, and dietary changes can all help to prolong the life of dental implants considerably.

To learn if dental implants are an appropriate tooth replacement solution for you, contact the office of Drs. Adam Tan and Stephen Crosby to schedule your professional consultation.

Tooth Colored Fillings: Enjoy a more natural looking smile

Tooth fillings have come a long way in recent years, and those facing the prospect of a filling are no longer limited to the silver amalgam compounds used in the past. Instead, your dentist can use tooth-colored fillings; helping to provide a more natural looking finish to the smile, without compromising the filling’s purpose.

Cavities in our teeth can allow tooth decay to progress further into the tooth’s structure, so it is important that any cavities are filled. As part of a regular dental check-up, a dentist will examine teeth for signs of cavities forming; by probing teeth, the dentist can detect holes in teeth, or softening of enamel that might represent potential trouble spots. [pullquote]By using tooth-colored fillings, the dentist can maintain the natural appearance of the smile.[/pullquote]

Where cavities do exist, the dentist will look to remove any tooth decay and fill the hole in order to prevent further bacteria which cause tooth decay to enter the tooth’s structure and further weaken it.

In the past, silver amalgam was used for this purpose. A dentist can now use tooth-colored filings made of composite resins instead of silver amalgam compounds. By using tooth-colored fillings, the dentist can maintain the natural appearance of the smile. The composite resins used in tooth-colored fillings can also bond better with the natural structure of a tooth, meaning the dentist has to drill away less of the tooth’s natural construction.

Patients with existing silver amalgam fillings can have their fillings replaced with tooth-colored fillings by a dentist. The composite resin used in tooth-colored fillings affords greater resistance to hot and cold changes in temperature, and can aid in reducing the effects of sensitive teeth, and are durable enough to last for years.

Tooth-colored fillings can leave you with a beautiful, natural-looking smile. For additional information, contact our skilled and dedicated dental team at Georgian Dental. Call 888-739-2975 to schedule your visit today.

How well will I be able to eat with a dental crown?

Dental crowns are a common method of tooth restoration used by dentists. Commonly made of porcelain, they can restore and improve the appearance of a person’s teeth and smile.

A dental crown is a prosthetic cap that the dentist affixes over the top of a tooth. It can be used to conceal imperfections in the tooth, such as chips or cracks, or to protect the tooth from further injury, such as following root canal treatment. The dentist removes a small amount of tooth enamel from the surface of the tooth before impressions are taken of the tooth and the adjacent teeth. From these impressions, a dental lab can create the crown, and the dentist then affixes the crown onto the tooth.

In the interim period, a patient might wear a temporary crown while the permanent crown is being manufactured. Temporary crowns aren’t as robust as permanent crowns, and so additional precautions should be taken when eating.

Hard foods, such as hard candies, nuts, and crunchy vegetables such as celery or carrots should be eaten with care; chewing should occur on the opposite side of the mouth to the temporary crown. Also, avoid sticky foods like chewing gum, caramels, jelly beans and toffees, as these could pull the temporary crown away from the tooth.

There may also be some increased sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods while wearing a temporary crown. Although the crown itself won’t be affected, there might be exposure to nerves from gum recession.

Once a permanent crown is in place, it should deliver adequate bite strength and chewing capability, and so the patient should be able to eat without limitations or restrictions. While the crowned tooth does not require special care, it is important to remember that the underlying natural tooth can still be susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease, and so it is important to maintain a regular dental health program to keep the teeth healthy.

For more information about dental crowns, contact the office of Drs. Adam Tan and Stephen Crosby to schedule your visit.

My Front Tooth Was Knocked Out: Now What?

Participants in physical contact sports are more likely to suffer unexpected tooth loss through their exertions than others; that isn’t to say tooth loss can’t occur in other walks of life. Slips and trips, or other accident, or even eating hard foods could all have enough jarring effect to see a person lose a tooth. In such a dental emergency, where a tooth has been unexpectedly lost, what can you do?

In some cases, depending on gap between when the tooth is knocked out and the patient visiting the dentist, it is possible to have the tooth reimplanted into the mouth. Only adult teeth are reimplanted; a child’s baby teeth are left out. It is important to see a dentist as soon as possible, within 30 minutes if possible, as longer durations lessen the chance of the tooth being saved.

The first step is to try to preserve the tooth in its original location. This can be done by placing the tooth back into the mouth and biting down gently on a piece of gauze to keep the tooth in place until dental help can be sought. Be careful, however, not to swallow the tooth!

If replacing the tooth isn’t possible, instead place the tooth into a container and cover with saliva or whole milk; a dentist can provide a tooth-saving kit for such dental emergencies which features a container and fluid solution.

While journeying to the dentist’s office, use a cold compress to ease pain and minimize any swelling around the affected area. If there is any bleeding, applying pressure directly using gauze can help to keep bleeding to a minimum.

It is important to handle the tooth in the correct manner; hold the tooth only by the crown and not by the roots. Don’t be tempted to remove any dirt from the tooth or root, as you may damage the tooth further. Also, don’t clean the tooth or brush the tooth with alcohol or peroxide. Instead, let your dentist do any work required to the tooth before reinsertion.

If your tooth is merely chipped, then it may not constitute a dental emergency, and so immediate dental assistance might not be necessary. If, on the other hand, the tooth is badly broken, there is the possibility of exposed nerve endings and so to prevent infection and pain, immediate dental assistance should be sought.

For additional tips on ways to prepare for a dental emergency, contact Georgian Dental at 888-739-2975 today.

Invisalign: The Clear Alternative to Braces

Years ago, the only real solution to crooked and misaligned teeth was metal braces. Understandably, many patients dreaded having to receive such a treatment. The thought of wires and brackets on the teeth is certainly not a pleasant one. Now, thanks to advances in dentistry, there is an alternative to traditional orthodontics.

Invisalign is a simple and quite affordable treatment for the straightening of teeth. It has become popular due to the fact that these braces consist of a series of invisible aligners that are worn for a specified amount of time. Your dentist will likely recommend that the sets be switched out every two weeks or so for optimum results. Invisalign orthodontic treatment is highly effective for those patients that require treatment for minor issues such as spacing issues or mild crowding.

Not only does Invisalign solve the problem of a patient’s displeasure over metal braces in terms of appearance, but it also provides noticeable results in a shorter amount of time for many patients.

Another great benefit of Invisalign is that the aligners are removable. You can take them out to eat, allowing more freedom than traditional braces when it comes to your diet. It also allows you to brush without restrictions, keeping your dental habits unhindered. One of the most enjoyable things about Invisalign is that they require none of the adjustments that come with metal and wire braces. This means less time in the dentist’s chair and no hassles in keeping them tight and fitted.

Among patients and dentists alike, Invisalign is becoming a popular choice for teeth straightening. Affordable, convenient and aesthetically pleasing, Invisalign is the clear alternative to traditional braces. Contact our office today to see if you are a candidate for this innovative orthodontic treatment.

Will a root canal save my tooth?

Whenever a tooth is damaged, the nerve usually takes up the burden of that tooth. This can cause massive wear and tear on the nerve and often results in the individual needing a root canal. Root canal treatment can prove highly effective in saving a tooth in the event that the nerve of that tooth has become unhealthy or otherwise damaged. A root canal, when administered in a timely manner by your dentist to the tooth in question, can often prevent you from having to get an artificial tooth or similar replacement.

When the nerve of a tooth is damaged, many people assume that the tooth itself is a lost cause. However, root canal therapy, in the vast majority of cases, is a viable option for saving the tooth. [pullquote]…root canal therapy, in the vast majority of cases, is a viable option for saving the tooth.[/pullquote]

Root canals can not only preserve the existing tooth, but they also serve to eliminate the pain that is created by the damaged tooth and surrounding areas as well. This prevents infections and future pain while also saving the damaged tooth.

Of course, it’s no secret that root canals are seen unfavorably by most uninformed patients. The truth of the matter is that recent technological advances have made the procedure much more comfortable and convenient.  This has helped many patients to reconsider root canals as a form of saving their damaged tooth.

Many people aren’t certain as to whether or not they need a root canal without first visiting a dentist. If you believe you have recently damaged a tooth, keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Pain around the tooth
  • Swelling
  • Cracks along the tooth
  • Spontaneous pains

Naturally, if you fear that you may have recently damaged a tooth or are experiencing pains that come about as if for no reason, you should see your dentist right away. There are a handful of other maladies that may warrant a root canal such as the presence of an abscess or deep decay within the tooth.

If you have further questions about root canals, contact our experienced and dedicated team at Georgian Dental. Call  888-739-2975 to schedule your appointment today.

Dental Implants for Renewed Self-Confidence and Peace of Mind

As an adult patient who has suffered tooth loss, you have many questions about how this could have happened to you, but more importantly how can this be treated? Whether you have suffered tooth loss due to trauma, decay or dental disease, you can return to the normal life you enjoyed before that loss occurred thanks to dental implants.

The loss of one or more teeth is devastating. Smiling or speaking in public can crush your spirit. Eating the foods you used to love is questionable. There are different options available depending on your needs. But if you wish to enjoy that renewed self-confidence and peace of mind, the best solution available is with one or more dental implants.

Dental implants are surgically imbedded into gum tissue where tooth loss has occurred. These little metal devices are made from titanium, a metal that has been proven to be the best material available to bond to existing bone tissue, and even promote bone to regenerate around the implant.

During the time it takes to heal, the implant will undergo a process referred to osseointegration. This is when the implant becomes part of the permanent dental anatomy as it fuses to surrounding bone tissue. The implant will become the substitute for the root of the tooth that was lost giving the final restoration strength and support.

Following the plan outlined for you by your dentist is critical to the success of your implant. This is a lengthy process so you must be committed to keeping the implant area clean and free from infection. Smokers and tobacco users should agree to abstain as smoking is a leading contributor to implant failure.

Once the implant area has healed, your dentist will be ready to complete your cosmetic enhancement. Whether you have one or several implants, the final restoration will be fabricated to match as closely as possible to the contour and color of the surrounding teeth, making the implants virtually impossible to detect from your natural teeth.

The benefits you can expect to enjoy with dental implants is the ability to eat, speak and smile with that renewed self-confidence and peace of mind … no concerns about slippage, you can eat all the foods you enjoy and forget that period of time where tooth loss was a major concern.

If you are considering dental implants to restore your smile to what it once was, contact the office of Drs. Adam Tan and Stephen Crosby and schedule a consultation today.

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