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Holistic Dentistry

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Georgian Dental® Provides Holistic Dentistry


Dr. Adam Tan witht Dr. Gerry Curatola during one of his many dentistry and holistic health seminars. They discussed many things, including the importance of removing mercury amalgam fillings and the dangers of mercury toxicity. Dr. Curatola is an internationally-recognized aesthetic dentist, oral health expert, researcher, author, and wellness pioneer. He is the founder and director of rejuvenation dentistry, a unique integrative approach to oral health and restorative dentistry.

Georgian Dental® is committed to offering our patients the BEST treatment possible. By offering Holistic Dentistry we are focusing on the prevention of dental disease and eliminating toxic dental materials. Through a whole body approach, we are not just focusing on teeth, but are using the patient’s biological framework to determine why their dental health may be compromised and how we can encourage healing and help prevent further issues.

We are also very proud to offer Holistic Seminars to our patients. Usually held once a month, our seminars will feature a new timely topic with tips and tricks for you and your family on how to live a more healthy and holistic life. Samples, take home packages and a great prize usually follow! Seats are limited and the seminars are ALWAYS free for existing patients! Keep posted to learn more about which seminars are coming up! Call to reserve your seat at 705-325-1765

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Holistic Dentistry covers many different aspects of your oral and whole body health.

What makes a dental practice holistic?

Well, at Georgian Dental®, we are proud to say that we are:

Mercury Amalgam Free: Georgian Dental® Is Mercury Free and Mercury Safe

Mercury toxicity is a proven health concern affecting your entire body. We follow strict protocols from the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and use a uniquely developed protocols to ensure the patient and staff are NOT exposed to mercury during removal. We also offer bespoke pre and post detox programs customized to your needs. Dr. Tan`s has developed Mercury RescueTM a process that has shown to protect patients and his crew from mercury exposure.

Ceramic 3D Printed Crowns

Not only do our 1-Appointment 3D Printed Ceramic Crowns save you time, but crowns made of porcelain and ceramic, which are neutral, bio-compatible materials and ideally will not cause irritation or allergic responses. Biocompatibility of the most appropriate materials can be determined by a few different modalities by Naturopathic Doctors.

Metal Free Braces

This innovative orthodontic system does not use metal or monomer containing plastics, or BPA’s. By improving the alignment of teeth, they assist in the prevention of periodontal Disease and TMJ disorders. Being a ‘removable’ system, oral care is easier and there are less chances for mouth injury during sports. Georgian Dental® Barrie has a fully digital workflow – which means that no goopy, toxic impression materials are used to create your dental moulds, precision of your dental casts is improved by 10 times, which results in faster, more precise tooth movements, your treatment is simulated immediately (and we show them to you the same visit!) and then transmitted to a dedicated manufacturing facility.

Digital X-Ray technology

By using digital x-ray machines, there is an astonishing 90% less radiation required than conventional machines AND we can view your x-ray in 4 seconds, anywhere in the office. Time, paper, the environment and your health saved!

Holistic Nutritional Counseling

We certainly believe that what you put in your mouth not only affects your body health but your dental health as well. In-depth and personalized Holistic Wellness Programs can help you improve ALL aspects of your health.

Biological Periodontology Dental Consultations

Biological Periodontology helps cure chronic gum and bone disease using natural therapeautics such as aloe-vera combined with state of risk assessment with phase contrast microscopy.

We Care About Our Environment Too

We work hard to use less paper, recycle as many products as possible, and follow strict protocols on chemical/material disposal.

What are the benefits of Holistic Dentistry?

Aside from being more biologically compatible for our bodies, we offer pre and post mercury/amalgam removal detox programs to aid your body in removing the toxic sub-stance. We will assist you with preparing your body systems for surgical procedures. And we will develop specific nutritional programs for periodontal disease, candidiasis (thrush), TMJ disorders/syndrome, children and adults with high cavity rates, and halitosis.

How are nutrition and dentistry connected?category_02

We can offer a personalized holistic nutritional program to help provide your body with vital ingredients and nutrients to help alleviate some of the following dental issues:

  • Mercury Amalgam/Silver Filling Removal/Toxicity
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Candidiasis (Thrush)
  • TMJ Disorders/Syndrome
  • Children & Adults with high cavity rates
  • Halitosis (Chronic Bad Breath)
  • Remedies for Dental Anxiety, pain relief and infections
  • And so much more!

Is Holistic Dentistry covered by insurance?

Many of our dental treatments already incorporate holistic practices and are covered by dental insurance. We can check your insurance coverage to see what you personally would be covered for. Georgian Dental has a dedicated Dental Professional  we call our Patient Advocate™ who will you find the top rated Orillia dentist or specialist who will be the best dentist for your specific needs. Financial arrangements can be customized to make remove any hurdles and make your health care affordable

Dr. Adam Tan DMD FAGD AIAOMT and Dr. Hal Huggins considered the grandfather of modern holistic dentistry

Dr. Adam Tan DMD FAGD AIAOMT and Dr. Hal Huggins

For more information about Holistic Dentistry, our Holistic Seminars,  or your health, please  send Dr. Tan an email at adam@orilliadentist.com or call 705-325-1765. We’ll help you “Get Your Smile In Syle!”®