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Gum Recession Treatment Options

Gum Recession Treatment Options in Barrie and Orillia, ON

Many patients tend to ignore gum recession, as it does not affect daily life in the beginning stages. However, several complications including tooth loss and misalignment can occur after an extended period. One of the best ways to avoid gum recession is to seek early gum disease treatment.

Pocket Depth Reduction

When gum disease treatment is not provided early enough, the gum tissue may detach from the teeth and form periodontal pockets. These pockets can trap plaque and bacteria and need to be addressed right away. Pocket depth reduction involves folding back the gum tissue so that bacteria, plaque, and tartar deposits can be removed. Then, the gum tissue is trimmed and sutured back in place, thus reducing the depths of the pockets.

Tissue Regeneration

Tissue regeneration involves placing a regenerative material over the affected area. This is usually a membrane or tissue stimulating protein that is put in place after a pocket depth reduction procedure but before the tissue is sutured back in place. The goal is to promote bone and tissue regrowth and restore the gum line to a healthier level.


PST™ is a new procedure that enables the treatment of gum recession in a minimally invasive manner. A small, pinhole sized opening is created within the gum tissue to allow Dr. Tan, Dr. Crosby and Dr. Siu Ng to loosen and reposition the tissue over exposed root surfaces. No sutures are required and patients experience a quick recovery period.

Gum Graft

This is used for patients who have experienced moderate to severe recession as a result of gum disease. Treatment involves taking a tissue sample from one part of the mouth and suturing it to the area in need, restoring the gum line to a more natural level.

Gum disease treatment may be necessary before receding gum tissues can be repaired. Patients in need of gum disease or gum recession treatment in Orillia, Ontario can contact Dr. Tan, Dr. Crosby and Dr. Siu Ng to schedule a consultation today!