COVID-19 Safety Measures at
Georgian Dental® Orillia

Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Here, you will find a comprehensive breakdown of the safety measures and protective equipment that are in place within Georgian Dental clinics. We firmly believe in the importance of informing and educating our patients on these critical issues.

Patient safety and protection is our top priority. During this difficult time of COVID-19, we want to assure all patients and their families that we are taking all the necessary steps to provide the safest and most controlled environment in which to administer dental care.

In addition to the strict protocols that Georgian Dental Orillia has always followed to maintain the health and safety of patients and staff, we have implemented multiple additional safety measures and installed new equipment to ensure the protection of all patients and their families, and of all Georgian Dental Orillia team members.

COVID-19 Safety Measures at Georgian Dental® ORILLIA Clinic:

Air Purification & HEPA Filtration

Georgian Dental Orillia uses advanced air filtration technology including ozone purifiers and HEPA filtration systems to continually scrub and clean the air throughout the entire clinic. Each treatment area utilizes a separate system for optimum air purification and maximum effectiveness.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our staff are equipped with a complete array of medical-grade personal protective equipment (PPE), including ultra-high-efficiency P100 face masks, transparent face shields, protective gloves, and more. We are committed to the safety and protection of all patients and staff.

Sealed & Isolated Clinic Environments

Treatment areas and clinical spaces are separated with transparent zippered enclosures to eliminate air movement between rooms and maintain a sanitary environment. Mobile air extraction units with directional vapor vac hoses add further protection against airborne particles.

COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Georgian Dental Orillia COVID-19 patient safety protocols include:

  • We are strictly enforcing social distancing measures. Appointment start and end times will be staggered with breaks in between visits and limited access to the waiting rooms. We are also operating with decreased front end/back end staff, so we appreciate your patience.
  • All patients will be screened by phone 24-48 hours prior to your appointment by either a staff member or clinician prior to confirming your live appointment. Please do not come to the clinic unless we have confirmed that you have a live appointment.

  • Please arrive ahead of your schedule appointment to allow time to complete COVID-19 screening in your car. Text the clinic when you arrive and we can send the forms directly to your smartphone. This will ensure fewer people in the patient lounge.
  • All dental instruments used for your care digitally bar code tracked to assist in contact tracing and for your utmost safety.
  • All patients will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering the practice and after each visit.
  • With the specific recommendation from Canada’s chief public health officer, we ask that you wear a face mask when you come to the clinic. For more information about non-medical masks and face coverings, please visit this page:

  • Please attend your appointment alone unless you require assistance or if you are the guardian of a minor who is receiving treatment. We ask that only one parent or guardian attend if possible.
  • All magazines and toys will be removed from the common areas.
  • Contactless payments only. No cash or cheque payments will be accepted until further notice.
  • If you are sick, have been travelling, or have come into direct contact with someone who has been ill please do not come for your appointment. Appointments will be cancelled at time of visit if any patient exhibits sign of illness or fever. Your temperature will be taken upon entering the clinic. Staff temperatures will also be checked daily.
  • Our staff will all be wearing full personal protective equipment so please be prepared that everyone will look a bit different. Reception staff will also be assisting you from behind transparent barriers.
  • Enhanced disinfection procedures of treatment rooms and reception and common areas have been adopted.
  • Transparent plastic screens have been placed in strategic areas throughout the office to limit the spread of aerosols and to prevent air flow from treatment areas to reception and other common areas
  • We have placed air purifying filters in the office to help circulate the air through a surgical grade filtration system as well as a UV light to help eliminate any pathogens which could be present in the air. We will also leave time between appointments to allow the air in the operatory to circulate between patients.
  • You will be asked to perform a pre-procedural oral rinse with a highly effective molecular iodine solution to limit exposure to pathogens.
  • We understand that some people may not feel comfortable coming to the office and thus will be offering tele-dentistry appointments as a first option to determine if it is necessary for you to attend a live visit. This will act as a screening process for live visits.