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The Chief Medical Officer and Ontario Dental regulatory organizations have announced as of 5pm Sunday May 31st 2020 that dental care is now open for the province of Ontario! I wanted you to know the good news as quickly as possible because I know you have been very patient with holding off on your dental maintenance for over 2 months. Time to get your care back on track!

I wanted to share a video of what my team has been preparing for to ensure that safety will be our highest priority.

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Wishing you good health and safety,
Dr. Adam Tan DMD

Our Patient’s best interest first and foremost, govern all our decisions and actions.

At Georgian Dental® our passion is to nurture and uplift the human spirit with holistic dentistry for whole body health. A big part of that mission is always acting on decisions that place our patient’s best interest at the forefront, ahead of everything else. The health and safety of our friend and families is of utmost importance to The Professionals at Georgian Dental®.

To that end, we accede to our Governing Organizations to define the protocols that will help ensure the health and safety of our patients, the Georgian Dental® Professionals and our families. The Governing Organizations that guide us are: The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU), The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), The College of Dental Hygienist of Ontario (CDHO) and the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). All dentists in Ontario look to these governing bodies to provide clear, precise, realistic and consistent standards on Infection Prevention and Control in the Dental Clinic environment.

The Professionals at Georgian Dental® are constantly training, servicing and upgrading our equipment and always looking for better and safer products for our patients and our Professionals.  For example, we are constantly improving our Georgian Dental® Sterilization Quality Assurance Directives (SQuAD) to meet and exceed the standards set forth by those Governing Organizations. To ensure complete sterilization of all our dental instruments SQuAD, employs daily biological spore testing, chemical indicator packs to ensure optimal sterilization temperatures are reached, chemical indicator strips in every single sterilization pack, used in every sterilization cycle, and our unique Sterilized Instrument Tracking System that enables us to pinpoint the precise day and sterilization cycle run for every single instrument, that was used on every single patient. Cross contamination hazards are a very serious and potentially life-threatening matter that we will not tolerate, and we will continue to do our utmost to ensure that our patients can continue to put their trust in the Professionals at Georgian Dental® Orillia.

If you have any questions about our protocols and procedures regarding infection control, please email us at administrator@orilliadentist.com, or call us at 705-325-1765, we’re here to help.

A Huge “Thank you” to Mr. Frank Matys of Orillia Today for helping us spread the word about Smiles On Us 2016! #SmilesOnUs


Sale of GMO Salmon Approved

As with most GMO items, labeling and identification remains painfully under regulated or woefully ambiguous – vote with your grocery dollars and consider avoiding this food item altogether.


Smiles On Us 2016 (SOU2016)

SOU2016 is just about a month away! For those of you who have participated in previous years in Barrie and Orillia- share your stories on twitter and instagram #SOU2016 #FREEisFREE #GeorgianDental

And yes – we are giving away free dentistry. My team and I are passionate about our holistic approach to dental care for whole body health. So just ask any of the hundreds and hundreds of patients we’ve provided for free. #FREEisFREE

Thanks to Sandra and her awesome hubby for getting the SOU2016 banner up on our building at 20 Diana drive. Orillia, Ontario over the weekend. For more information: www.smilesonusevent.com

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski transformed his experience in the dental chair into a moment of epiphany. What did you learn unexpectedly at your last dental visit? leave your comments below!

Dr. Adam Tan and the dentists at Georgian Dental® cherishes serendipity and loves to help our patients discover something new about their oral health every day. If you the Barrie dentist at Georgian Dental® Barrie or Orillia Dentist at Georgian Dental®  Orillia can help you, call today. For Orillia, call (705)325-1765. For Barrie, call (705)739-2087. We’ll help you Get Your Smile In Style!®

While I was researching patient satisfaction studies on dentures, i came across this article on a ‘denture’ that was swallowed by a patient but was later retrieved by endoscopy. The ‘denture,’ also known as a ‘fixed denture’ appears to have failed, debonded and then swallowed while the patient was asleep.

Read the abstract and download the entire article here

This underscores the importance of maintenance care if you have any form of a prosthesis in your mouth. Regardless of its classification of bonded, fixed, removable, etc., a regularly scheduled maintenance is de rigeure, even with implant retained dentures or screw retained implant prosthetics. All patients with prosthetics should be on a three to four times a year follow-up interval to ascertain that all is in good health. With All-on-4® prosthetics, an ideally trained Registered Dental Hygienist may help clean the fixed prosthetic device AFTER it has been retrieved by a qualified dental professional. Those fixated prosthetics will need the retentive screws that hold them in replaced, typically after they’ve been removed for maintenance for about a year and a half.