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Our Patient’s best interest first and foremost, govern all our decisions and actions.

At Georgian Dental® our passion is to nurture and uplift the human spirit with holistic dentistry for whole body health. A big part of that mission is always acting on decisions that place our patient’s best interest at the forefront, ahead of everything else. The health and safety of our friend and families is of utmost importance to The Professionals at Georgian Dental®.

To that end, we accede to our Governing Organizations to define the protocols that will help ensure the health and safety of our patients, the Georgian Dental® Professionals and our families. The Governing Organizations that guide us are: The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU), The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO), The College of Dental Hygienist of Ontario (CDHO) and the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). All dentists in Ontario look to these governing bodies to provide clear, precise, realistic and consistent standards on Infection Prevention and Control in the Dental Clinic environment.

The Professionals at Georgian Dental® are constantly training, servicing and upgrading our equipment and always looking for better and safer products for our patients and our Professionals.  For example, we are constantly improving our Georgian Dental® Sterilization Quality Assurance Directives (SQuAD) to meet and exceed the standards set forth by those Governing Organizations. To ensure complete sterilization of all our dental instruments SQuAD, employs daily biological spore testing, chemical indicator packs to ensure optimal sterilization temperatures are reached, chemical indicator strips in every single sterilization pack, used in every sterilization cycle, and our unique Sterilized Instrument Tracking System that enables us to pinpoint the precise day and sterilization cycle run for every single instrument, that was used on every single patient. Cross contamination hazards are a very serious and potentially life-threatening matter that we will not tolerate, and we will continue to do our utmost to ensure that our patients can continue to put their trust in the Professionals at Georgian Dental® Orillia.

If you have any questions about our protocols and procedures regarding infection control, please email us at administrator@orilliadentist.com, or call us at 705-325-1765, we’re here to help.

Georgian Dental® Free Dentistry Event

Dr. Tan and his crew are proud once again to provide free dentistry for a day for the city of ORILLIA. This year, SMILES ON US 2016 (SOU) will be held at Georgian Dental® ORILLIA on Saturday June 11th 2016, starting at 8:00am to 2:00pm EST. Georgian Dental® Orillia will host SOU at 20 Diana drive. Orillia, Ontario. L3V 3E3. Smiles On Us is a grassroots, non-profit event dedicated to providing free dental care to those who need it. Every year, the crew from Georgian Dental® will donate their time and expertise and resources with the help of sponsors and local businesses.Georgian Dental® Orillia’s free dentistry event is happening Saturday June 11th 2016.

Smiles On Us 2015 statistics achieved by the team at Georgian Dental®

In 2015, the crew of Georgian Dental® Barrie helped to deliver free fillings, free simple extractions and free dental hygiene therapy in their historic downtown Barrie location at the corner of Bayfield Street and Wellington Street. During SOU 2015, over 67 patients were provided with free dental care, including simple extractions, simple fillings and holistic flouride free dental hygiene therapy. Georgian Dental® has given back almost $100,000.00 dollars in free dental care to the communities they practice in to date. Hundreds upon hundreds of passionate volunteer hours goes into the planning and execution of these events by some very incredible people.

Click Here For more information on Smiles On Us 2016.

The page link contains highlight photos of the SOU 2015 event, downloadable flyers and SOU 2016 event information. You can help by sharink the link and the  free downloadable flyers with friends and family who are in need of dental care but who may not have access to quality holistic dental care. A short video containing the highlights of some of the incredible reactions from patients whom were seen at Smiles On US 2015 is available on YouTube.

Georgian Dental® provides holistic dental care for whole body health. To find Barrie dentist for scheduled dental care in Barrie, call Georgian Dental® Barrie: (705)739-6725. To reach Orillia Dentist for scheduled dental care in Orillia, telephone: (705)-325-1765. We’ll help you Get Your Smile In Style!®

A Huge “Thank you” to Mr. Frank Matys of Orillia Today for helping us spread the word about Smiles On Us 2016! #SmilesOnUs


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