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Darrell E. Bradford


My father is highly addicted to alcohols and smoking. For the past 10 years, we all are being suffering. Don’t know how to get rid of this. We lost our peace of mind, our finances and we in the verge of loosing our home too. We as a family are moving through a period of stress and tensions. Can someone help us out this situation? Any method to decrease the addiction of our father? Kindly, suggest some recovery methods?

I was searching for help in the social media as well as my friends. I strongly believe that, if we can’t find some solution real quick the situation will turn out to be disastrous. Also, the tension arouse when I read an article which describes the relationship between smoking and dental problems(http://www.discoverydental.com/blog/dental-health/relationship-smoking-dental-problems/). It seems that the studies have proved that, the smoking habit creates periodontal disease. Is it true by any means? Would like to get your comments on this as well.

Hoping and praying that our father get well soon and we receive our life back.

Thanks in advance