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Adam Tan

Hi Jane,

heavy staining from highly pigmented foods can be a pain; especially if those foods are also a vice; and who doesn’t have those! Be careful with abrasives such as baking soda; use very gently at the level of the gum so you don’t wreck the protective gum covering from the underlying root of the tooth. Exposed roots tend to wear much faster than the crown which is protected by enamel. I treat a ton of patients who have inadvertently worn away their roots from well intentioned hard brushing to remove stain.
One of the most incredible cases i saw was an elderly lady who only used a combination of peroxide and baking soda. moisten brush in peroxide and dip in baking soda then use to brush. She swore by it at 90 and she probably had the best looking teeth i’ve seen in a long time. Keep an eye out for a book i’m releasing soon “toxic toothpaste’ about some of the surprising and harmful chemcials in toothpaste.

Dental Surgeon, Lecturer