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Sale of GMO Salmon Approved

As with most GMO items, labeling and identification remains painfully under regulated or woefully ambiguous – vote with your grocery dollars and consider avoiding this food item altogether.


Surprising links Between Women’s Oral Health And Whole Body Health

     Modern society embraces the beauty of all women regardless of shape or skin color: healthy is the new beautiful. Unfortunately, not many understand the importance of oral health and the influence it plays on women’s general well-being. In recent years, there has been increasing evidence that connects oral health and general health. Research has suggested that gum disease could lead to more serious health issues such as premature birth defects during pregnancy, stroke or heart disease.
Protecting your teeth might be more important than you think—and not just for aesthetic reasons like white teeth and a bright smile! When a woman takes proper care of her teeth it is an investment in her future—a way of maintaining the health of her body or perhaps even the health of an unborn child. “There are a number of dental factors which effect the body,” relates Dr. Adam Tan of Georgian Dental.

Healthy is the new beautiful.

The hormonal fluctuations that come during different stages of women’s lives have a greater effect on oral health than is commonly understood. Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause can all cause occurrences of the following at different degrees of severity:

  • dry mouth
  • changes in taste
  • cold sores
  • canker soresgum disease
  • gum disease Read More

Smiles On Us 2016 (SOU2016)

SOU2016 is just about a month away! For those of you who have participated in previous years in Barrie and Orillia- share your stories on twitter and instagram #SOU2016 #FREEisFREE #GeorgianDental

And yes – we are giving away free dentistry. My team and I are passionate about our holistic approach to dental care for whole body health. So just ask any of the hundreds and hundreds of patients we’ve provided for free. #FREEisFREE

Thanks to Sandra and her awesome hubby for getting the SOU2016 banner up on our building at 163 mary Street over the weekend. For more information: www.smilesonusevent.com

Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski transformed his experience in the dental chair into a moment of epiphany. What did you learn unexpectedly at your last dental visit? leave your comments below!

Dr. Adam Tan and the dentists at Georgian Dental® cherishes serendipity and loves to help our patients discover something new about their oral health every day. If you the Barrie dentist at Georgian Dental® Barrie or Orillia Dentist at Georgian Dental®  Orillia can help you, call today. For Orillia, call (705)325-1765. For Barrie, call (705)739-2087. We’ll help you Get Your Smile In Style!®

While I was researching patient satisfaction studies on dentures, i came across this article on a ‘denture’ that was swallowed by a patient but was later retrieved by endoscopy. The ‘denture,’ also known as a ‘fixed denture’ appears to have failed, debonded and then swallowed while the patient was asleep.

Read the abstract and download the entire article here

This underscores the importance of maintenance care if you have any form of a prosthesis in your mouth. Regardless of its classification of bonded, fixed, removable, etc., a regularly scheduled maintenance is de rigeure, even with implant retained dentures or screw retained implant prosthetics. All patients with prosthetics should be on a three to four times a year follow-up interval to ascertain that all is in good health. With All-on-4® prosthetics, an ideally trained Registered Dental Hygienist may help clean the fixed prosthetic device AFTER it has been retrieved by a qualified dental professional. Those fixated prosthetics will need the retentive screws that hold them in replaced, typically after they’ve been removed for maintenance for about a year and a half.